Artist Statement

My work is about survival, or what I call life tactic. In its performative aspect, I seek to establish intimacy with the consumer material, experimenting that is part of my ongoing research of our daily life, transforming it to engaging and subtly provocative, confronting viewers with their complacent habit of experiencing their environment indirectly, through a version of the world humans have contrived rather than via the undiluted encounters of their physical senses. Rooted in a playful critique of capitalism combined with a thirst for novelty, shifts attention away from the product toward process and consumer. If property ownership is a pathway to the “American Dream,” my intention is to subvert, dissect, comprehend and redirect property to verify its potential and truth, or expose its lie.

Contemporary relations between art, politics, technology, and science may be identified as a field of obsessions. By duplicating, multiplying, and unifying the diversity of human activity (represented by consumer materials and artifacts), I desire to experience contemporary human urban life. I am propelled by the notion of the redirection of short life expectancy of cast off materials and their relationship to organic mortality. If consumer materials are becoming the new landscape, and its leavings permanent, then I desire to make them, instead of heavy handed, approachable, lovely, and infinite. I desire not just to make sense of them, but to make them venerable and meaningful, an unintentional reflex of human self-consciousness.